Our Project

We’ve partnered with the innovation ecosystem to create a unique technology accelerator converging the incentives of entrepreneurs, investors, and customers. We’re now in stage 2 

  • Stage 1 defined the criteria, and incentives. Farallon Research invented the model and demonstrated “product market fit” with the Cyber Accelerator
  • Stage 2 is demonstrating scale with partnerships between Farallon Research FNA Innovations, and BMNT’s H4XLabs. This stage is  the Strategic Innovation Project (SIP)
SIP Small

SIP reshapes strategic acceleration by advancing companies with the vision to change the enterprise.  We pull product roadmaps forward by funding fasting paced technical demonstrations  with reference customers driving emerging technologies into the market. 

We treat  projects as long-term investments,  offering a term sheet , simple contract, statement of work, and  a few milestones to quickly move to launch. We continue our support to project partners’ growth as a board advisor, aligning our incentives with company success.

Our partnership is greater than a project; we offer the resources of our advisors to aid in business case development, market assessment, investment strategies, and our network of investors. We follow three core principles:

  1. Seek companies with the vision to change the enterprise ecosystem. Provide them with roadmap acceleration, revenue, and reference customers built around compelling use cases
  2. Provide sponsors with a de-risked portfolio of venture backed technologies, with early and deep insight
  3. Aligned incentives, incubate channel partnerships and enable enterprise PMF, without the complications of strategic capital